Miracle drug Ayahuasca

The extreme psychedelic known as Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca is well known in the spiritual world as a psychedelic conjunction combined with banisteriopsis caapi vine it’s mixed with DMT or with Justica pectoralis. This would not reach the west until ethnologist Richard Schultz made a publication on it during the 1950s. He states that has healing properties along with spiritual properties.
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People who have eaten ayahuasca say they have very spiritual visions, often with what their purpose is on earth. The true meaning of the universe and very resonating thoughts on how they can better themselves. It is said that the user feels like they have access to other dimensions and have contact with outer worldly beings who are guides and healers.
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The stories told say that people who experience this end up having profound positive changes in their life and This is why it’s used as a tool for enlightenment. When consuming it causes Nashua where the consumer often projectiles (gets sick) The shamans believe that the sickness is a release of the inner demons from within the body and throwing up is releasing those negative energies.
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Shamans say it’s very important to be in the presence of well-trained Shamans, or people with experience. Shamans are known to provide spiritual protection from people as well as negatives “entities.”

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