What is Kanna?

What is Kanna?

Kanna the escape from synthetic anti depressants

You are probably wondering what is Kanna , well Kanna is a psychoactive plant that was used in the south African area as a mood enhancer. Kanna not only enhances the mood but it helps with anxiety, stress, as well as an appetite suppressant. If you struggle with mood swings, depression, or just want an “upper” that is natural, then Kanna maybe something you want to look into. Kanna can also cause Euphoria if used in higher dosages which starts as a stimulation feeling, then becomes sedation. The alkaloids found in Kanna contain mesembrine, which helps with serotonin (re-uptake inhibitor) with great antidepressant effects.

Kanna can be eaten, made as tea, smoked with cigar or other substance or by itself as a standalone. Kanna users are known to have very vivid dreams. As well as increased social interaction when in groups. The herb makes a great alternative to anti-depressants which are absolutely devastating for the body, especially after long periods of use. Kanna doesn’t affect your serotonin negatively like anti depressant’s either, when you use Kanna it will bring your serotonin levels back to what they were after you stop using it, unlike anti-depressants.

There are no known negative effects of this herb.
It’s also 100% legal.
IT’S A PLANT; therefore NOT synthetic despite what you may hear VIA the news.

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