My First time trying Kratom

My first time trying kratom I was a bit skeptical. I heard about it from a friend who has had experience with it. He said he purchased maeng da kratom from a head shop (smoke shop). They sell the kratom as capsules or powder usually near research chemicals. The smoke shops typically sell their kratom for a lot more than internet price. Smoke shops also sell the kratom in something called X15 kratom which means it’s 15 times the regular strength (so they say). My friend said he bought that and got effects from it, mainly a sedative feel. Experiences such as melting into his chair and feeling very euphoric. He also took a much higher dosage. When I finally went and made my purchase I bought from a source that accepted paypal. Which was actually really hard to find believe it or not! I paid 22 dollars for an one OZ of maeng da kratom capsules and it was free shipping. I ordered from a site called “best kratom capsules” It sounds sketchy, but they were the only ones that accepted paypal. The delivery was very fast I received it in one day. To make sure I didn’t have allergies or anything to it, I started by taking one gram to start. I then waited a few hours and took three grams. I began feeling effects within an hour. I felt an extreme sense of focus and a little numbness, not being able to feel pain, with a clarity of vision. I was still able to achieve my work, through the day so, it didn’t effect me negatively. I got more stuff done and was able to do more as far as my workouts went. I then continued to take 3 grams for a few days, with a few days off in between so I wouldn’t build a tolerance. After a few days passed I increased the dose to 6 grams on an empty stomach with coffee earlier in the morning.

I felt awesome I had a great sense of focus, and desire to get things done. After about an hour I got the euphoric effects, but with that I got an upset stomach. I read on several sites that an upset stomach typically happens in higher dosages. I basically felt like I wanted to throw up, SO I did a bit of research on what to do for upset stomachs. I found that peppermint tea, or gum (anything peppermint) settles the stomach. This worked like a charm for me. I drank peppermint tea slowly and chewed peppermint gum my nauseous feelings went away. I had a greater sense of euphoric effects with the higher dose. I felt sedated and very relaxed. My thoughts were more clear and I wasn’t as upbeat or hyperactive as I normally am. After that dosing I went back to only using three grams. I continued to get benefits from using the lower dosage, but the effects are lower than the 6 gram dose I took. When taking kratom you want to take a few days off because you build a tolerance for it, since my tolerance for it was low I could take a low dose and get effects. My friend however said He needed a lot more to get effects because He had a higher tolerance. After I ran out I didn’t buy more immediately I took 3 weeks off to keep from getting addicted. Yes, addiction is basically possible with anything you eat, drink etc. It just comes with the territory. I plan on trying the other strands with my next purchase to see how they are, as well as combining different strands together to find the best combination. I however plan on using a different vendor this next go around. I also plan on buying the powder instead of the capsules because it’s about 10 dollars cheaper. You don’t have to take capsules it’s just easier to go down that way because the powder doesn’t exactly taste all that great. The vendor wasn’t bad it’s just cheaper to purchase the kratom from other sources that I have found, by using credit or debit card. Without getting off topic, what have been your experiences with kratom? And do you plan on trying it?

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