Is Coca Leaf Really Cocaine?

Is Coca Leaf Really Cocaine?

The answer is yes, and no. Coca Leaf is the main ingredient to make cocaine, BUT contrary to popular believe more additives are needed to make the white powder. Coca Leaf grows in South America and parts of southern Asia and has gotten an extremely bad rep because, people realized they could turn this into a super drug. The leaf by it’s self only gives a stimulate effect much like coffee, EXCEPT coca leaf doesn’t give you jitters or anxiety when consumed. Your body simply feels relaxed and at peace with it’s self. Unlike the white powder which is known to make people speed and feel like “GOD”. To each of their own each has their own “purpose” for the particular person. People obviously have different desires, and different means to use drugs or plants. The body, and mind is a testing ground for each consumer.

Coca Leaf has been banned in the states, and many other countries, BUT it can still be purchased it just has to be uncocanized which is like a decaf coffee, though they take out most of the alkaloids from the plant or leaf there are still some which will remain. If you’re looking to get full alkaloids I advise you to go to your local dealer or grow your own coca trees to produce your own. The reason for the leaf being illegal is simply due to the white powder, AND because of the mishaps it puts on big pharma. YUP, drug companies. They want this outlawed so, they can push their big drugs, and collect a bigger surplus of money. After all life is about what kind of BMW you drive and if your house is located on a California Beach or in bum fuck Louisiana. I’ll slow down now because that’s not my call, maybe they enjoy the home made jambalaya. All though… I thought that’s what they made Popeye’s for. Any whom, coca tea brings on a euphoric feeling of relaxation, and happiness, it’s great if your going to work I usually drink 1 1/2 hours before I go in. I maintain the effects for about 3-4 fours. The mood is enhanced and even though your at work (the most demised place to be at) it isn’t so bad because well, you are feeling damn good. This is of course coca leaf ground up into nice little tea bags. I’ll save the white powder for the big boys on Wall Street. Without further ado I typically put in 3-4 tea bags into my tea depending on the work load I have ahead of me, after work I brew some more about 4-6 bags depending on how strenuous the day was and if I want to have energy to blast a work out, before bed.

Disclaimer: The following is intended exclusively for educational purposes and is an opinionated piece. We do not promote the consumption of any narcotics.

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