The Best Ways To Mix Maeng Da Kratom

Kratom is a fairly sought after plant by those who have done the research or those whom have heard from VIA word of mouth. If you are new to Maeng Da Kratom you will quickly learn that it doesn’t have a pleasant taste. Thus why you see so many vendors selling various kratom strands in capsules. Kratom in capsules is always more expensive than buying in powder so, if your looking for ways to dull the taste and save cash then here’s how. I’ve tried the tea route with kratom, I would boil water then pour it over the powder, stir then mix it with black tea. The taste was atrocious! I would continue to drink the whole thing of course because, I’m not going to waste precious material. I then looked for various drinks that could mask the taste better and give the same desired effects. The two drinks that work wonders are Gatorade and amazon coconut water. When I would mix Kratom in Gatorade before work it mixed extremely well! I believe it’s because of the syrupy content of gatorade and all of the 30 grams of sugar were able to dumb down the taste! If you want a more healthy way to consume kratom then I would get Amazon coconut water. The water has far less sugar and contains minerals and Camu Camu berry.

The powder doesn’t mix as well, but it does the job well enough. The Amazon coconut water masks the taste just enough to get it down and it’s not entirely bitter, all while being healthy. If you can’t manage to take the kratom down by drinking it, then buy a capsule machine and capsules then cap the kratom yourself. There’s a quote that I like “The person who caps your “herbs” controls your fate”. It’s cheaper and safer that way. The only reason to not cap your own is out of sheer laziness. Get out there have fun and don’t be dumb. Experiment to find what strand and what amount is right for you. As always start low and gradually build up over time. Nothing is worse than seeing everything spin all because you didn’t want to listen or look up how much to consume. whether your taking it before work, after work, school, to be more social with friends or whatever the reason may be, have fun and consume on an empty stomach to get full effects!

Disclaimer: The following is intended exclusively for educational purposes and is an opinionated piece. We do not promote the consumption of any narcotics.

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