4 Beautiful Rare Plants

1. Guaiacum sanctum

Guaiacum is known for Lignum vitae wood. The wood is known for it’s sturdiness, and hard texture.

2. Conradina brevifolia – False rosemary

false ros

False Rosemary Is found in the Southern Regions of the United States. The Conradina grows in the dunes, shrubby areas and is known to contain essential oils.

3. Capparis sandwichiana


Capparis Sandwitchiana is native to the Hawaiian Islands. It’s known for it’s very vibrant white color and yellow center. The plant is becoming endangered through habitat destruction and competition with other wild life.

4. Welwitschia mirabilis


Welwitschia Mirabilis is a desert Onion found through the Namibia Desert and in the southern reigion of Angola. Welwitschia grows in insanely dry climates according to USB.GOV The plants leaves are molded in such a way that the it can water it’s own roots by gathering condensation. Welwitschia also contains many microspores that can consume water. The Welwitschia also contains a tail like root which can obtain water from depths under the earths surface.

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