4 Reasons Adding Cinnamon to Your Diet Can Improve Your Mind and Body.

Cinnamon is an herb that’s been used since the beginning of time. They didn’t call it a gift suited for a God for nothing.

1. Two table spoons of Cinnamon contains five percent of your Calcium (daily value) 11% DV of fiber and 46% of YOU DV for magnesium.


2. Because of Cinnamon’s high Magnesium content it helps with blood clotting and helps people with high blood pressure.

3. Calcium and Fiber are known to improve colon use. Calcium, fiber and magnesium all work together to remove bile from the body. In other words if you’re having issues with constipation cinnamon will help “clean” you out.


4. Cinnamon is known to help control fungal infections. WHy is cinnamon effect in killing fungas you ask? Well, Cinnamon contains 75 percent eugenol. Eugenol is antiseptic thus why cinemon is great for getting rid of infections.

Have you ever heard of coca tea and the healthy benefits from it? Check out the link below for more!


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