The Eludication of Kratom and possible ban in Florida

Elucidation Of Kratom


Kratom is a herb which is found in Southeast Asia. This herb is banned in Thailand, Australia, Malaysia and Myanmar besides Indiana and Tennessee. This herb has been used around the world and can be combined in a drink called kava.

Kratom and its use in Florida

If we talk about the existence of Kratom in Florida the government has recently proposed a bill to ban this herbal “drug” in Florida because of it’s said potential dangers.
This bill has been filed by Kristin Jacobs who is the former Broward County Commissioner. This would bring Kratom under the category of Schedule1 controlled substance which will make it much harder for people to obtain kratom.
This drug is considered to be highly addictive, but there’s no hard evidence that it’s harmful for the body. If you’re wondering how kratom even got to the states, it began as a simple coffee substitute which was traded from southeast Asia.



Will Florida ban Kratom?

Kratom is a member from the coffee family which is used in Southeast Asia as a mood enhancer and stimulant. This herb is also used for medicinal purposes. Certain studies have revealed this herb to be highly addictive.
The herb is believed to create opium like effects according to the DEA, which has been noted to be the primary use of Kratom all across the country. Although the herb is not illegal everywhere it’s quickly becoming outlawed as it’s popularity spreads VIA the internet.

kratom plant

Kratom could be illegal in Florida

The Palm Beach County is the latest Florida county that is keeping a tabs on the use of Kratom. Recently the Palm Beach County Commission almost approved a ban on Kratom and asked the various units to stop selling this herb to young adults. Moreover the state and federal officials are on the verge of taking action to stop kratom dealers and head shops.
In addition the Palm Beach County Commission plans to start a public education program in order to help the people become more aware of the health risks of Kratom. Thus we can say that kratom will more than likely become banned in Florida in the near future as the DEA amps up their marketing against the sale of Kratom.

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  1. Yep, this stuff, which could be potentially useful is banned here in TN, which is also looking to ban MMA. Bible Belt USA think they can control everybody.

  2. Keep kratom legal!

  3. yep and nobody got the money to fight them either.

  4. Oh yeah. Its like that with everything! NSA, Privacy blah. People are just too lazy to care

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