Using Kratom for workouts

Using Kratom as a pre-workout

This blog post is specifically for those who are working out a lot and want that extra edge that a pre-workout gives at a healthier and more consumer friendly price. I decided to take it upon myself to see how the effects and process varied from using kratom before my workouts, running verse not using it at all. First of all I got the same rush that a pre-workout would give without that jittery that come from the obsessive caffeine that fills pre-workouts drinks. While using the MAENG DA strain I felt a calm calamity within my mind, which made lifting heavy much easier because the mind is the key focal point while in the gym. The kratom also helped with joint pain and easing workout sourness from after the workouts which helped me to continue with lifting heavy through the week. Kratom also helps with focusing on the task at hand, I know when your body hurts, or is sore you really don’t want to lift and continue pushing yourself. The effects help stabilize my will and push through the pain to get that extra rep. While doing extensive cardio kratom helped with stamina and kept me from tiring. I was able to complete a full 3 1/2 hour workout which included a 3 mile run, a shoulder, and arm workout, abs, and boxing five 10 minute rounds. I felt fantastic and quite frankly felt like I could go on forever.

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Kratom is also cheaper on the wallet. I was able to make a purchase from the site above for 9.99 where as pre-workouts cost anywhere from 25-40 dollars and only lasts a month. The way the economy is it’s always nice to save on supplements because, as any lifter knows the costs get expensive and add up.

Kratom and Cardio

We all know how running is, your body gets tired, sore, and usually get shin splints which can be detrimental to the runners performance. While using Kratom as a pre-workout I was able to run through the “pain” with no problem and keep at a 80-90% speed through the entire run for the week. I ran everyday and felt very little in terms of soreness, and shin splints. Kratom comes from the same family as the Coffee plant so, it has very similar effects as coffee would without the jittery feeling. Kratom also promotes blood flow through they body. Kratomin my workouts

I would take 2-4 table spoons of kratom before each workout with a cup of coffee, the effects would kick in, in approximately 15 minutes and would last for four hours without the crash that pre-workouts give.

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There are many kratom vendors online, but Islandlionherbals provides the best price and quality. I’ve shopped from various Kratom vendors such as mood and mind, and best kratom price in comparison to these companies was much more expensive. The Islandlionherbals company also provides excellent customer care that many other companies in the field do not provide.

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