What to Make of the Current Financial crisis?

If we take a look at the current global financial crisis, I’ve seen many placing the blame on anyone they can point their fingers at. Greece pointing their fingers at Germany, because of World War 1 which a total smack in the face. Doing such would be like blaming America for the collapse in 2001. We cannot point blame at an entire nation, even in the 2001 crash. We must look towards the people who pull the strings, no not the presidents, no not the government, but the people who control the money supply. Yes, the bankers! People seem to forget who actually controls the money, and who lobbies the endless amounts of cash to these governments, it’s the banks, the private banks, even the public banks. Just because a bank is public doesn’t mean one man, or several men can’t control a overwhelming share. Who profited off the Iraq war, Bush and Cheney, who owns Iraq Oil, A banker aka Lord Jacob De Rothschild. If you don’t think these wars are entirely created by the elite to make themselves rich you are full of it. Look who profits, after these wars and what these powerful men are invested in. Bush was invested in oil, what happened during his presidency oil was costing us 4.00 a gallon. What was vice President Cheney invested in? Halliburton, and during the Iraq war Halliburton was at it’s apex for profits. When these countries magically crash, where is the money and the assets going? I believe it’s clear it goes to the elite. They fill our minds with bull crap media like sports, and daily bs, which is the bread and circus, the distraction to keep us away from the real problems in the world. If we want to get down to the bottom of the issue we have to learn from our history. What happened when Germany fell after world war 2? They were broke and eventually had to get into the EU. Germany Joined the European Union: Founding member (25 March 1957)
The German Currency has been the Euro since 1 January 1999 (formerly German mark, DEM or DM) “The euro banknotes and coins were introduced in Germany on 1 January 2002, after a transitional period of three years when the euro was the official currency but only existed as ‘book money’. The legal tender status of the German mark banknotes and coins ended on 31 December 2001, but they were accepted as payment until 28 February 2002 by virtue of a joint declaration from retail and banking associations.” You can read more about it here: Germany and the euro Public Opinion about the EU: the public’s opinion about the EU

So, if the Public’s opinion isn’t good about converting to a one european curenncy why has it been implemented? Well that’s simple, America still occupies Germany. What does that mean? Well America is ran by the 1% and bank elitists, if they run America, who do you think runs Germany? hemmm.. Rothschild(s) as well as other rich elites.

I can go in a lot more detail, but I know attention spans run short, so I tried to keep it short and sweet. The lobbyists have and will continue, to ruin the world until we “wake up” to this nonsense.

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