A Different Kind of Killer

America Falls in Academia

A Different Kind of Killer

What the world lacks currently is teachers, teachers that know more than just writing the numbers, problems, and equations on the board, but can actually TEACH the material at hand. Throughout school I’ve noticed many teachers being lazy and simply giving out handouts, not grading the handouts, not telling the student what is wrong, and simply stating that the problem, or grammar is incorrect. How does one improve without being shown his or her errors? The bigger problems is that Americans are falling behind in mathmatics behind 35 other nations. ( (can be seen here)

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What is lacking for Americans? Our priorities to be more favorable towards sports rather than academia? Or is it the laziness of students, or a combination. I’ve had teachers that taught algebra who literally didn’t know how to do the work, and would be correct by students, which in my opinion is a disgrace. As America continues to fall, what awaits ahead for the future? If anything at all for the pessimists that see a bleak future ahead. What are your thoughts? Why is America struggling with learning math among other subjects?

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