GoCam app lets you take a selfie without touching the screen (Not exactly hands free)

Hands Free Selfie's

The Brand new GoCam app lets you take a selfie without touching the screen. (key word the screen)

The Swedish startup company called “Crunchfish” just created and released an app called GoCam on June 28th. It allows users to take “touch-less” selfies, without having to touch the screen like you usually do, unless you have a self timer. WOW, so fascinating!

How it works

The app utilizes software that senses when you’re ready to take a selfie. According to the app’s demonstration video, when you make your entire hand visible on the screen, an icon will turn green signalling that you’re ready. You then close your palm and open it again to set the timer. The amount of time your palm is closed is the amount of seconds that will pass until the timer goes off.(interesting concept) Then the camera snaps a picture, and your hand is nowhere near the phone.

Unless you have somewhere to lay the phone, you’ll still have to hold your phone at arm’s distance to take a selfie. But the possibility of selfies—or “usies,” as they’ve been called—from afar is one that hasn’t hit the market until now. Talk about breaking the mold!

This isn’t exactly life changing, but it’s a nice addition to the already congested app field.

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