Simpson’s Charles Montgomery Burns Made After Lord Jacob Rothschild?

After Some research I’ve noticed massive similarities between the antagonist Charles Burns and Lord Jacob Rothschild a very wealthy Jewish business man from London. The similarities between the two are crazy both going balled in the front, same hair style, same nose, both wealthy, and “evil” depending on who you ask.


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Burns is the proud owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, where he’s the most powerful man in Springfield. Burn’s networth appears in an episode at the insane heights of 1,800,037,022.

He also went through his fair share of struggles where he almost lost his entire fortune, when it went down to a whopping 996 million. Burns is also very old and has become physically frail with time, but still continues to be relentless and ruthless to get what he wants. Much Like Rothschild Burns is also in business in energy, and has a degree from the prestige school Yale. Not only that, but Burns is also a member of the Skull and Cross Bones, a secret organization known for American secrets and conspiracy.

This is very similar to Lord Jacob Rothschild. Jacob is in his 80’s, looks older, and with time has become “frail”. His networth is listed at 5 billion according to . His main ways to success has been inheriting his fathers companies (Victor Rothschild), and got his education at the prominent school of Christ Church Oxford and Elton. He’s known for his, business capabilities, banking, and being involved in energy. Jacob Rothschild is also known for being involved in many “secret” organizations like Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg just to name a few.

Let us know your thoughts and their similarities!

The irony with this picture is Jacob’s Father was well known for doing espionage for the UK during world war 2, as well as helping fund both sides of the war.


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  1. Louisette Lanteigne September 8, 2016 at 4:04 am

    This guy is contributing to a warming planet thus the name BURNS.

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