What Is The Future Of Oil On The StockMarket

Oil and gas platform

What is the future of oil on the stock market. If you pay attention to the news, or Wall street, you know that Oil and energy have been taking massive beatings. Why is this? Well, it’s because Iran and Saudi Arabia are sucking the market dry because they are pumping oil out like water. The upside is Oil and energy will recover, like all things when they hit rock bottom they will eventually rebuild themselves. We also have several elections taking place in 2016 which will mean we could very well get new laws that will help Oil and energy stocks. Right now the stocks I’m personally looking at are CLR,EOX, GNE and DNR. For natural energy I’m looking at PLUG, and Fuel Cell Energy.

EOX is a bigger risk, but it’s good for short term gains. For example EOX went from 1.80 all the way to 3.80 in a few weeks. Then just last week it went from 99 cents to 1.29. which is a 30% increase and a nice sum of change. DNR has also been doing the same, as it went from 2.80 to 3.19 then back down on Friday to 2.54. The problem with with Oil and energy is they move quite a bit. The good thing about volatility is you can capitalize nicely on the movements. the problem with that though is the stock may go even lower when you think it’s at it’s low point, so guessing how far the stock will go is quite tricky. Heck you may have better luck, and make more money selling kratom than you will investing in the stock market. All jokes aside these are all aspects and things to look at, be diligent.

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