Stocks To Invest In For The Long Haul

Stocks To Invest In For The Long Haul.

Right now we are currently in a crash, recession if you will, because we are now paying back the loans that the government took out to keep the market afloat and “up”. Now we are seeing the down slide of taking such actions. Lets not forget the raised interest rates by the banks. With that being said, this doesn’t mean everything is going to go overboard, it simply means investors need to look for quality stocks with nice dividends, or take the risky route of investing in small commodities companies and selling on 15-30 percent moves. Some of the stocks we have been looking at with solid dividends are Frontier Communications (FTR), Bank Of America (BAC) Glaxosmithkline (GSK) The Home Depot (THD
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Frontier Communications

FTR is a telephone company that pays 7% dividend. The stock yesterday was stayed between 3.90-4.00 yesterday and has now gone up and settled at 4.30’s. With the 7% dividen you get each quarter .11 cents a share. Which is great compared to most companies.

Bank Of America

Bank Of America Website

Bank Of America is a great stock, Banks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Bank Of America has been sitting around 13.50s today which is a great buy price considering it’s usually around 16$. The stock is down mostly due to loaning out money to oil companies, but don’t let that fool you into thinking BAC isn’t worth investing in. BAC also offers a 0.05 dividend per share.



GSK is a British pharmaceutical Company with it’s HQ being based in the United Kingdom. GSK is also the 6th largest pharmaceutical company.

Gsk sits around 38-41 US per share, but the kicker is their strong 8% dividend. Which gives you about .56 cents per share.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is another great investment if you’re looking for a solid home improvement company, THD sits around 120-130 and pays a 00.59 cent Dividend quarterly. The Home Depot has nothing, but upside as they are the leading home improvement company.

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