Why Are Millennials For Bernie Sanders?

All I have seen lately are millennials hyping liberal candidate Bernie Sanders. The 18-33 age group seems to be absolutely dumbfounded by the word “free”. Sanders uses the word “free” to boost his support, ” I will give you free education, free healthcare, free, free, free!. Then everyone claps and hollers like their getting a free big mac at MacDonald’s. For one Nothing is free and never will be. People will be paying for this “free stuff”. So the word free is a deceptive and manipulative word to mislead people into believing that they wont be paying for the education, and healthcare, but someone else will. Furthermore what created socialist supporters? Could it be our education system? I know since I’ve been going to school all the way up to University, the government ALWAYS pushed leftist views and I mean ALWAYS. Teachers would also push their views and would try to say you were wrong if you didn’t agree with their views, (using their “authority” to say your wrong. We are definitely facing interesting times, with a plethora of problems, but I don’t see how taxing the middle class more than they already are taxed is going to help anything. Taxing people more will only create more poor people. If people really believe Sanders is going to be able to tax the elite’s at 90% they have another thing coming. Any millionaire, will simply pack up and go over seas, or continue to use offshore banking to avoid taxes. The rich are not fools, their “rich” for a reason and it’s not because of “privilege”. If the elites leave they will take their jobs with them, (which is happening now, Ford just moved their HQ to Mexico). Along with tons of other jobs leaving over seas to avoid the absurd American tax. At the rate we are moving at currently we will have no jobs, and plenty of 3rd world immigrants here. Take a look around, but that’s just my two cents.

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