Donald Trump Might Be In Trouble As The Establishment Gangs Up On Him

Donald Trump is starting to look like he might be in trouble and distress as the establishment pushes heavy anti Trump support on nearly every mainstream news station. Trump was taking the GOP by storm lately, but after super Tuesday things aren’t looking the greatest for him. During the FoxNews debate they tried to dismantle Trump by showing stats, and graphs on how his “plans” would not work and cause more debt if he cut taxes, in contrast they didn’t do stats or graphs for any other candidate on the stage.

Hem.. doesn’t that sound fishy to you, that the mainstream media isn’t being fair to the only moderate and anti establishment candidate? Now today we have received news that Trump lost in Maine, and Kansas, but Trump has a slight lead over Cruz in Kentucky. is all the negative rhetoric finally getting to the people that follow the news so closely? We have been seeing loads of misinformation on Trump all over social media. Along with things like Jeff Ruby not letting Trump into his restaurants while in Kentucky. That was Jeff Ruby’s cheap (free press) shot at Trump to get more people to go to his restaurants and start a buzz about Ruby’s food joints. At the end of the day, who gives a shit? It’s like the candidates constantly talking about Trump’s “failed” business’ at least Trump had the balls to even create his own business’ Most don’t even try and will continue to work as mindless drones for major corporations such as Trumps. We must ponder the question of why is the establishment ganging up on him? Is it because Trump is actually the only “real” candidate that can’t be bought?

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