Kratom For Stamina and Running

Kratrom and Cardio Test

Today I decided to use maeng da kratom for endurance, during my 3.2 mile run, keep in mind I only slept 3 hours and work a labor intensive job. Lets just say the run was excellent! I run regularly, but on a normal run I typically get tired, especially on little sleep, but kratom seems to help that. My mind felt a lot more alert and aware, I was very calm, relaxed, but still determined. While running I kept an even pace of about 7-8MPH a little faster than a jog, and not quite an all out sprint. ( ALSO Keep in Mind I’m very fit and run frequently). When completing my run I honestly felt like I could run several more miles no problem. In which case I didn’t because I had other things I needed to get done. I took the kratom immediately after work 4pm, the dosages very for person to person, but in my case I took around 5 grams and mixed it in a purple gator-aide, and drank it. I didn’t go run until about 7pm. I still felt the effects even 3 hours later. I also drank a cup of coffee before running, which seemed to revive the motivation factor of kratom.

Disclaimer Kratom is not meant to be consumed.This was done for test purposes only.

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