This is What a Social Justice Warrior Looks Like

Social justice warrior throws temper-tantrum

If you haven’t seen this video then it’s a must watch. Absolutely hilarious how the so called “Social Justice Warriors” pull absolutely insane temper tantrum when their belief’s and views are questioned. This is utterly insane! How are people going to be grown adults acting as if they are 5 years old begging Mommy at the local Toys R Us to buy them a barbie Doll. The behavior is nearly beyond any comprehension, in fact they should start doing psychological studies on people like this. See if they are really all there or not, because clearly something isn’t right. I do think we are seeing form of brainwashing on a very large school VIA mass media, TV, and Schools. Ten Years ago this sort of behavior was unheard of and now it’s becoming as common as yoga instructors. What are your thoughts on the video? What do you think we should do to stop this kind of behavior? Comment below!

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