3 stocks That Should Be In Your Investment Portfolio

3 stocks That Should Be In Your Investment Portfolio.

Panic ensues when investors see the market tumble into the depths. We become fearful because we don’t want to lose our hard earned money, and or our retirement. If you want to learn how to combatant the NASDAQ tumbling you are in the right place! I’ve spent the past two years studying economics and the market and this is the way I was able to stop losses.

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First you must not become attached to options you invested in. If you see a stock dropping it’s better to salvage your money before it drops further. The key finding the bottom price, unless the stock offers a dividend.

Frontier Communications

FTR offers a nice dividend at 0.11 cents per share owned. FTR reported last week and we are starting to see investors sell off their shares for profit. The stock currently sits at 4.81. FTR was sitting around 5.20 and has been dropping since which makes it a prime buy. FTR is a solid company and is currently the fourth largest provider for digital services. Frontier offers broadband internet, television services and computer technical support for residential and business customers in 28 states in the USA. FTR has room for growth with a dividend yield of 8.74% according to Yahoo.

Glasko-Smith Kline

Gsk is a British Pharmaceutical company which is the 6th largest pharma company in the world. Gsk manufactures goods for a wide spread of diseases like, asthma, cancer, infections, diabetes, and mental health. GSK’s biggest selling drugs have been Advair,Avodart,Flovent,Augmentin,Lvaza, and Lamictal, which earned them nearly 22 Billion Euros that year. GSK was around 43 dollars a share on Jun 8th, and is now currently sitting around 39.80. With a P/E of 8 according to Fidelity and a dividend yield of 5.87%. GSK is a great buy because of it’s high dividend in trying economic times.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

Teva is a Israeli American corporation focusing on pharmaceuticals,and the manufacturing of generic drugs. Teva is largest drug manufacturer in the world. Teva’s year high was 70 dollars in July 2015 and is now currently between 51-55 dollars a share. With revenue at a little over 20 billion dollars a year. The dividend yield is 2.57%.

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