The Truth About Kratom

Side Effects Reported with Heavy Kratom Use.

Kratom is a tree that is mostly found growing in the South East Asian nations. It is used primarily for its medicinal purposes. Because kratom is a known as a potent analgesic, eliminating not only physical pain but also mental pain. This makes kratom a powerful alternative to drug withdrawal treatments. Aside from that, it is also being studied for its potential ability to cure leukaemia and human breast cancer.

To better educate people about the side effects of kratom and to be unbiased about kratom (people may think I only discuss positive effects of kratom), I will discuss here the reported side effects of kratom.

Kratom, as we all know, can be addicting when used heavily, so be careful and observe the amount you ingest. Some of the major and most common side effects of kratom are nausea, constipation, sleep problems and temporary erectile dysfunction. On heavy use, it can cause insomnia, anorexia, weight loss, skin darkening and dry mouth.

The heaviest users reported, (which came mainly from Thailand) that they are experiencing hallucinations, aggression, delusional behavior and schizophrenia. This involves the daily use of kratom as a recreational means, taking colossal dosages which produce extreme euphoria and sedating effects. It is also reported that they are using it continually, like a daily food, which some began using it for more than a decade already. Unlike opiates, however, kratom does not impose strong addiction level. Though tolerance can be built, it does not seem that body is craving for neither kratom nor any of its alkaloids. Prolonged usage may lead to withdrawal symptoms such as a runny nose, aggression and muscle pains. The good thing, however, is that kratom withdrawal can easily be mitigated which could only last for a week or two, unlike opiates which could impose terrible withdrawal symptoms which could eventually lead the user to return to opiate use to ease the horrible withdrawal.
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Other dangerous side effects

why is kratom being condoned by the government you ask? Well they claim kratom can be fatal, such as heart attack, seizures, high blood pressure, and brain /cognitive impairment. However, as long as you do not mix kratom with other drugs and alcohol, you will never get these adverse effects. It is therefore advised not to use kratom under the influence of other drugs and alcohol.

Overall, kratom alone will not cause deadly side effects, and the most dangerous you can get will involve the terrible use of kratom on a massive dosage. If you do not want to get those adverse effects, use kratom responsibly, just like alcohol, or any other substance you should use moderately to be safe. Hopefully this article put kratom in perspective and helped you learn the truth about kratom from our perspective.

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