New York Explosion Video [Surveillance Footage]

New York Explosion | Multiple law enforcement officials tell ABC News that investigators are exploring the possibility the two explosions in NY and NJ are linked to the same bomber or bombers by what appear to be similar types of cell phones.

The explosive device in New Jersey and the one that caused the blast in New York City were both set off with cell phones, according to two law enforcement officials who have been briefed on the case. The other, possible explosive device found near the blast site in New York City also had a cell phone connected to it.

Authorities cautioned that this is only a line of inquiry and not a conclusion. The probes remain “separate investigations,” the FBI and officials in New York said.

“Just because you have one thing in common, doesn’t mean the devices are similar,” one official told ABC News.

In fact, the explosive devices looked very different: the one used in New Jersey was pipe bombs and the one in New York was not.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a press conference Saturday that there was at that point no specific evidence linking the Saturday night blast in the city’s Chelsea neighborhood to the explosion earlier in the day in Seaside Park, New Jersey, at the site of a planned 5K charity run for military service members. But, he said, the possibility of a connection “will continue to be considered … [We] are not taking any options off the table.”

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