Did President Trump Just Save Western Civilization?

The mainstream media spent the weekend lying about President Donald Trump instituting a Muslim ban, lying about the contents of the recent executive order, lying about those impacted by the new guidelines and lying about why seven specific countries were included in the travel restrictions.

President Trump was painted as a monster for placing a temporary ban on accepting Syrian refugees – while other world leaders bent over backwards to virtue signal and express their willingness to destabilize their countries.

While the mainstream media, politicians, corporations and Hollywood celebrities were virtue signaling – President Trump made a few phone calls and may have just saved Western Civilization. Source

Did President Trump Just Save Western Civilization?

This is something we will see for awhile I think. It’s always been evident that the mainstream media was lying, but now the amounts of people that know, has multiplied thanks to sites like Instagram and Facebook. The liberal media is creating something massive, but I’m not exactly sure what. The more they pull for the left the more people I see go to the right. Also the more people pull for Trump the more hate I see coming from the left. It’s almost like a massive experiment, like hey, lets say a bunch of lies and see how the civilians take it. Then the backers are like, hey! Lets get more footage of these protests and make more money. I mean from a financial standpoint it’s freaking genius! You cash in no matter what, it’s a win win! You fund both sides and you can’t be defeated. The end goal for any media company is to produce as much money for the company as possible and this is what’s catching. People don’t really care to fact check, they just want a good story, real or not real. Because hey, if CNN said it, the story MUST Be REAL. Speaking of which, here is some truth, that you will never find on CNN. Learn the truth question everything Maybe Trump really is saving western society, and the west. How are we supposed to know when he’s only been in office for a little over a week?

We are in interesting times, where we can’t even debate without someones feelings getting hurt. Heck, apparently if you lean to the right you are automatically a fascist. But what about Political correctness, George Carolin had an amazing talk about PC years back, to hear it click here.

So, did Trump save the West? What do you think?

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