An Honest Conversation With a Heroin Addict

An Honest Conversation With a Heroin Addict.

Question: “I have a few questions concerning addiction. I am a recovering heroin addict who is having a hard time dealing with the compulsion to use again. I was curious to your stance on 12 steps programs, one of which I attend regularly. Do you think these programs are less beneficial than they seem? Does it hinder my recovery to get into a mindset that I cannot recover without the program? Furthermore, why do you think that young people are using hard drugs, and drugs in general, in higher numbers than any other time in history? Is it because of the ease of access of substances, the coddling of my generation, or a combination of both?”

Stefan Molyneux battles the Heroin epidemic by talking to one. Stefan has the right idea, about the global phenomena. Here is, an honest conversation with a heroin addict. Could kratom be a cure?

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