ETST Stock stabilizes

ETST Stock stabilizes. EARTH SCIENCE TECH INC (Etst) begins to stabilize today, after sky rocketing over the past few weeks. The stock hit it’s all time high at 3.95 on Thursday afternoon. The wave would soon come to an end as it began to dive downward after closing hours dawned upon us. The stock on Friday afternoon would continue it’s downward spiral, reaching 1.87, but closing out at 2.08. Today the stock took on an uphill battle and rose to 2.39 by 10AM. The stock would then slide back down to 2.02, and again back up, stick around the 2.20 price range. Etst is insanely volatile. After analyzing the stock, we aren’t sure how the day traders stomach the catatonic movements. The company is allegedly releasing information about another Joint venture with a Canadian company on the 15th. We are unsure of this information, but that’s the rumor being sent around on social media. ETST will surely keep us on a wild ride. Let’s see where this thing goes next! ETST stock stabilizes even after no PR.

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