The Feminist Housewife

The Feminist Housewife.
Question: “I’ve spent the majority of my adult life devoted to my career, considering myself a ‘fiercely independent’ feminist and not allowing men to have much control in a relationship. However, a few years ago I started dating someone who didn’t accept this behavior and I found myself slowly taking on a traditional girlfriend role, now as a wife and mother. Things have gone really well between us and I’m happy, but still find myself missing my old life. I’ve heard you talk an awful lot about how women are wired to want men to provide resources while they take care of the young, but I don’t feel it’s coming natural to me. Am I broken? What can I do to ensure that I don’t fall into old patterns? Do you think there’s enough space for a woman to balance being a great wife and mom, yet also continue to stay in charge of her career without sacrificing family?”

There’s obviously different strokes for different folks, and outliers to every circumstance. A lot of what makes up people actually isn’t the “initial” brain set up” but the brainwashing through school, high-school and later University. Call it what you will, but during these times you are programmed to be what the state wants you to be, or the Church. Only a slim few will realize it’s all just a game and surpass through the biological faults of the human brain, as well as government programas like MK ultra. Who is it that trains woman or males to be “feminists” look at the hidden agenda’s. Why are males becoming more feminine? We must look at what is changing the ancient ways into this progressive onslaught of garbage. The feminist housewife. Do they even exist? I have seen a few whom support the regular woman rights to abortions etc. but other than that it’s nothing more than being Superior to the other gender.

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