WW2: the battle of Metz, 1944 – the Iron Men of Metz

WW2: the battle of Metz, 1944 – the Iron Men of Metz.
The Battle of Metz was a three-month battle fought between the United States Army and the German Army during World War II. It took place at the city of Metz following the Allied breakout after the Normandy landings.

The attack on the city by the U.S. Third Army commanded by General Patton faced heavy resistance from the defending German forces, and resulted in heavy casualties for both sides.

The heavily fortified city of Metz was captured by U.S. forces before the end of November 1944, and the battle ended in victory for the U.S. following the surrender of the remaining German forces.

For the first time since the 5th century and the assault of Attila’s Huns, the stronghold city of Metz, nicknamed the “Maiden” due its impregnable reputation through history, was taken during a battle.

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