Berkeley Pro Free Speech Protesters Chase Out AntiFA

Berkeley Pro Free Speech Protesters Chase Out AntiFA.
In this video independent journalist Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange takes you inside the Berkley riot as Antifa and pro free speech activists faced off against each other. As the police stood down and ran away from the scene, pro free speech protestors decided to start fighting back against Antifa.

The video footage here shows a complete divide and disregard for humans. My belief is better than yours mentality, it’s almost mind blowing how far we have gone down the slope of disaster. The future will be an interesting one to see as we see more and more riots erupt. What happened to being tolerant of other peoples views, even though they may not be remotely close to your own? Obviously true tolerance has been long gone for sometime. People would rather live under a shell and avoid the truth at all costs even if it means turning an entire nation into a socialist nation. Free market capitalism and democracy will one day no more, and it will be a day millions will strongly regret when the day comes.

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