Earth Science Technology Stock Rises

Earth Science Technology Stock Rises
Earth Science Technology is up 20% today after the massive dip from yesterdays short attack. Yesterday there was more than 40% shorts on the ETST stock forcing it into a downward spiral hitting 0.61 cents. After the attack the stock quickly went back up to roughly 1.00 dollar a share. The stock is currently trading around 1.15-1.20 range. You can read more on the stock and other “rumors” here. If you haven’t heard of the company ETST then you must know that the company is specializing in CBD Oil. Earth Science Technology recently released a PR stating they will be Targeting Breast Cancer And Other Women’s Health Issues In New Cannabis CBD-Based Pharmaceutical Drug Development Initiatives.

Could this mean the stock has finally stabilized? We personally cannot say for certain, but it appears to be a good sign after the massive dip from yesterday. The volume on ETST has also been extremely low recently, but seems to be picking up today before good Friday. ETST is a high volatile stock and has crazy swings since it’s traded over the counter. Overall the stock seems to be having a good day. Please Like, comment and share if you liked the article Earth Science Technology Stock Rises.
Disclaimer: We do not offer investment advice and we are not licensed traders. Please do your own research and Due Diligence.

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