RNN Gets Eaten After News

RNN gets eaten after news.

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc got absolutely ransacked, devoured, destroyed, and eaten entirely after releasing the news of their 1 for 10 split announcement. The one for ten split will take place on May 5th, 2017. So far the stock has declined roughly 35% since the news. However, this is just from sheer panic. The company is actually reputable and REAL products. The problem however is the American stock market is full of flippers, and a 1 for 10 split means RNN will no longer be a penny stock anymore (you may start crying now). However, RNN does have a bright outlook and a reverse split will make the company look more reputable, getting more quality investors for their cure for cancer. Their trials and cancer treating drug line can be seen here. Director Chang Ho Ahn sold 250,000 shares of the companies stock Monday when the stock price reached 70 cents a share. Fidelity Investments actually still has RNN as a 9.5 bull even after the massive sell off today. Regardless of the massive sell off today, the company is still reputable, and has solid cancer treatment products. People are trading off fear currently, which wont matter come May, because the stock chart will reset. Check out our stock pick of the month here Please Like, share and Retweet if you found RNN Gets Eaten After News, useful.

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