The Dangers of Criticizing a Single Mom

The Dangers of Criticizing a Single Mom.

I think everyone has done this at least once. If you have you know the backlash, of it. Every single mom seems to think they are the perfect mother when we know damn well they are not. This isn’t to say all single moms are bad, but watch millennial single moms. They are controlling, and do not want any feed back on how to parent, I have seen this many times first hand. If you criticize one you better have a helmet on because spines will rip and heads will cave. Even if you are just giving good advice, they will take it as a personal attack, and then comes the shouting match. Mean while they are out partying and drinking in front of their kids (laughs) it’s sad really, but quite comical. This years mom of the year goes to…. (Drum role please). But seriously, I see it all to often. The single mother tries to over compensate for the child not having a father figure in his or her life, making them very spoiled. Single moms obviously have to work, so typically the child is spending time with the grandparents, or in daycare. which you can read about here. What are your thoughts on single parenting.

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