The Fallacy of American Public Education System

The Fallacy of American Public Education System.
We need to rework education on a fundamental level. The public school system as it exists today (in America at least) is, at best, a maladapted, vestigial appendage of a dead generation. Kids go to their publicly funded schools to learn things that are largely uninspiring, in a setting that’s run much like a prison system. The staff (i.e. the state) exist to replace your parents as arbiters of morality and truth, the rules are largely arbitrary, while both act in conjunction as a means to instill in their student population a “loyal factory worker mentality,” for lack of a better term. In the area I lived, if you were absent from school for more than a certain amount of time (I think it was three weeks), social services would be given the ability to take you from your parents, fine them, and place you in a juvenile detention center. It got so bad nearing the end of my middle school years that I ended up skipping the 8th grade and got put straight into a private high school… Things started to escalate between the administration and I due to my one extremist act of defiance (I went to the bathroom during my free period without asking a teacher). Oh, and my dean turned out to be a pedophile so there was that too… Fucking awesome time in my life, I’ll tell ya what (laughs out loud).

I think a modern approach to education would be to have a strong focus on the hard sciences and physical training. That is to say things like math, coding, and physical activity should be at the forefront of our educational system’s efforts. The age of being able to scrape by life with an English or Liberal Arts degree is coming to a close. If you think you’re employ-ability in the real world will be competitive having graduated from community college with a B.A., then get ready to be replaced by someone who wrote a program to do your job better and faster than you would ever be able to do. Perhaps these things don’t interest you and “math is for nerds” or whatever… Well, get ready to become irrelevant, because non-Luddites will find a way to replace /optimize otherwise “useless jobs,” as they inch their way towards inheriting world… Overhauling our education system in America must be seriously entertained. The factory worker generation is dead. The setting that was once very well suited to the cogs of society is no longer conducive to the development of the Generation Z types. Math, science, and technology is the way towards a brighter future; gender studies, universities acting as adult day-care centers, and professional victim hood as a legitimate career path is not. Please like, tweet, and share The Fallacy of American Public Education System if you like this article thank you!



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