The Horrible Truth About North Korea

The Horrible Truth About North Korea.
The possibility of a United States led conflict with North Korea has put a spotlight on the shocking history of the “Great Leader” Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong-un and the DPRK: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. With hundreds of thousands estimated to be held in concentration camps, rampant starvation, endless threats of violence and cradle to grave propaganda, the North Korean people are living the equivalent of hell on earth.

Michael Malice is a writer, television commentator, and the author of “Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il.”

The North Korean threat to the Western world has been going on for sometime. It seems like the global elite are simply drawing it all waiting for some big obscure set back of doom? But this alleged doom just never comes, it’s as if they are just building, and building and building, like climbing up Jacob’s Latter. But when is the ultimate set off. You can only build something up so long before the attention gets transferred over to something, or someone else right? That’s at least the usual norm of things and how they go. Of course the global elitists always have a few extra tricks up their sleeves and are able to manipulate and deceive the world as they please with the power of electronics. North Korea doesn’t really have any special powers, or powerful military technology that they can use to Trump the West, so I see the entirety of the situation as being a ploy to distract the people from something else much more major going on in the world, but what could it be? Please like and share The Horrible Truth About North Korea.

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