Trump and The New World Order

Trump and the New World Order.
After the bombings of Syria by America, many Trump supporters feel betrayed, but lets be honest. When has America not bombed somebody? Here is a map that shows where Obama dropped 20,000 bombs. According to Independent UK. The US forces dropped over 3,000 more bombs in 2016 than 2015, taking the grand total of strikes for the year to at least 26,171 which can be further read here.

I could have told the common full that Trump would not be the cure for America’s turmoil, but I know he’s better than Hillary. Regardless of the situation, Presidents always obey their puppet masters, unless they wish to end up like JFK, but that’s another story. You can watch how Bill Hicks picks apart America in two minutes here. The president is not Superman, that should be a given, nor should anyone put all of their belief, and faith in a president. Lets be honest they are power hungry, and human like the rest of us. Presidents aren’t some sort of immortal God. Lets be frank here, Americans like to put presidents on this pedestal as if they are the most morally sane person to ever come to Earth.

The bottom line is, Trump really apart of the new world order? No, The new world order is yet, another illusion, and distraction from the real issues at hand. Trump and the New world order have been raised to Gods, with the ability to wipe away horizons.

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