5 Things to Watch While Trading Stocks

5 things to watch while trading stocks.
1.Hyped stocks:
stocks that are talked about a lot on social media and or TV. like CNBC. These stocks usually move based on news and the potential profit is usually short term. Good for swing traders. Swing traders are people who invest short term based on dips in a stock price.
2. Press releases. (stocks to put on your radar)
Press releases can be both good and bad, Stocks that release PR will either move up or down on the news and sometimes the news does absolutely nothing for company and keeps the stock stagnant.
3. Earnings
Earnings is my big go to, stocks that make money, and bring in revenue.

4. Price momentum
Stocks moving just based on buying pressure, and sell pressure.

three stocks to tuck away in your portfolio.
5. Companies with a real product, usually future based.
Companies that are working on creating solid new products, example; cancer drugs, new apps etc.

3 must have stocks

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