7 stocks To Put On Your Radar

7 stocks to put on your radar.


AMLH has been a HUGE stock in the sub penny world the past few months after investing in GG media network INC. Since then it has been a up and windy road for AMLH. AMLH was trading at 0.003s-0.005s all last week. A month or so ago it was trading at the penny level, but the “stop” sign wasn’t removed yet, after CEO Christian Bishop promised it to be removed for what seems like months. Well, today the stop sign is finally gone, and since the stop sign removal AMLH has been trading up over 18% today

Eastgate Biotech Corp (ETBI)
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ETBI is another stock that has had HUGE runs and recently has sunkin to all time lows after diluting from VNDM market maker. ETBI is currently trading extremely oversold with an RSI of 28. the weeks low was today at 0.0027 and the high was 0.045 on April 3rd. Though very risky, this company could be rewarding for swing traders.

Biolinerx LTD (BLRX)

BLRX is on are radar for this week because they report May 25th. BLRX also released a lot of news recently such as today announcing regulatory submission for their phase 1b trial of BL-8040 in combination with Atezolizumab in AML. BLRX is currently trading with an RSI of 53 which means BLRX is gaining momentum for a possible breakout. BLRX was also raised to a buy from hold by Maxim Group.

MMEX Resources Corp. (MMEX)

MMex is getting ready to build a refinery in the Permian basin which could lead for huge profits in the future, as Oil is a hot commodity. MMEX has been gaining traction and holding strong at around 0.01-0.012. MMex year low was 0.0001 and has reached an high of 0.056. This current RSI sits at 44.
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Frontier Communications (FTR)

FTR though it will be doing a reverse split in July FTR has a TON of room to move. FTR had a huge day on Friday when it went up 15% after analysts projected the stock to hit 2.40-3.20 by years end. FTR has been having a tough time ever since Goldman Sachs downgraded them to a sell several months ago. I think FTR has finally hit bottom after the huge move up on Friday.The weekly RSI is still highly over sold sitting at 26 and the day RSI is 44.

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc (RNN)

Rnn is a pharaceutical company focusing on cancer drugs. The company has been all over the board seeing 30% gains last week. RNN daily RSI sits at 45 and the weekly sits at 53 making it a nice technical buy. However RNN’s future does look promising. you can read more about RNN here.
Earth Science Technology (ETST)

Earth Science Tech, Inc. (ETST) is a unique Science based Biotechnology company that brings Nature’s Pharmacy to the public. We are focused on developing cutting edge Nutraceuticals, Bioceuticals, Phytoceuticals and Cosmeceuticals for the Health, Wellness and Alternative Medicine Markets that improve the quality of life for people around the world. ETST also provides natural alternatives to prescription medications through Nutritional Supplements and Dietary Supplements that help make life better for everyone and people living with common disorders and illnesses. you can read more about them here. ETST has some huge swings, currently sitting at a RSI of 41 for the day and 44 for the week. ETST typically has huge bounces. It hit 1.70 on MAY 5th.

Disclaimer: please do your own due diligence, we are not investment advisors. trading these stocks may resort in you losing your entire investment. We make no claims.

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