Question: “I’m a young guy in my twenties and am currently developing a real estate project in South America. It’s my first development and has been a hell of a ride thus far but now we’re entering a phase of the project where I find myself having to push my limits even more than before. The time has come for a serious marketing and sales push and even though I enjoy it overall, I think I might be getting in my own way.

“I’m a mellow, polite, Canadian so the pushy salesman thing doesn’t come naturally to me. So far, we’ve been able to employ a more relaxed and organic approach but it’s crunch time and I think I have to grow beyond my comfort zone again. As an experienced entrepreneur, how did you get results in this area without becoming pushy or dishonest? I value my credibility and reputation as an honest and genuine person so I would hate to become “that guy” that’s probably just trying to sell you something.”

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