what are short attacks

What are short attacks?

what are short attacks: Short attacks are done fairly often, but people don’t know how to identify short attacks. Short attacks are done by Big firms, and small groups of traders alike. They function by bashing companies.(5 things to watch while trading. what bashing companies means is the entity writes bad reports, blogs, articles, or press to drop the share price. Mean while the share price drops, they short the stock which creates in turn generates income for them. A big company that this happened to was Frontier Communications. Frontier Communications missed their earnings by 2 cents and immediately after the stock fell quite a bit. Shortly after Goldman Sachs moved FTR, from neutral to sell.
(Goldman Sachs is notorious for shorting stocks, and has George Soros involved in Goldman Sachs, whom is also notorious for shorting stocks. Of course Goldman Sachs puts their price target at 1.30 and after several months FTR drops below their price target and then starts to come up. I believe what these big corporations do when doing short attacks, is they short the stock until they are happy with their profit. Then they change the price target to netural, and then to buy. Meanwhile they short and then reload shares at the 52 week low and maximize their profits. Please like and share if you learned from our post. We must let as many people know about short attacks so they don’t get screwed.

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