5 Stocks to Watch

5 stocks to watch.

Freeze Tag Inc (FRZT)
Is engaged in creating mobile social games that are fun and engaging for all ages. FRZT just recently launched their new app called Garfield Go which is similar to Pokemon go where kids can go around and find treasure. Instead of Pokemon GO where kids could go around and find Pokemon. When kids find the treasure they are able to turn in the treasure for real, prizes. The app is available on IOS and android. FRZT is a stock flipper’s wet dream, this stock seems to always dip then ride back up even with no news. The low today was 0.002 and had a high of 0.0039
7 stocks to put on your radar. First Liberty Power (FLPC) (FLPC)
First Liberty Power Corporation is an exploration, development and junior mining company. The company’s mineral portfolio includes antimony, gold and other metal projects and properties. The company holds 50% interest in five additional prospective antimony properties located in Nevada. There’s a lot of rumors about FLPC and it’s recently huge move from 0.0002 last month all the way to 0.0028 on June 14th. FLPC has seemed to have stabilized it’s position at around the 0.0013-0.0016 range and has potential to move quick. FLPC had a 45m cross trade yesterday over .002 which is roughly 90 dollar trade. So, is something up here? We are speculating that something is going on though. FLPC also has nice dips it seems to hold 0.0011-14 very well. This is a lottery pick. 5 things to watch while trading.

Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings. (TMPS)
TMPS is truly a wild ride, it hit it’s 52 week low and then moved from 0.03 to as high as 0.69 After billionaire investor ELIASCH JOHAN invested. Insider transactions can be seen here. The company has a lot of deffense contracts that make the company attractive and a nice pick.

Defense Technologies DTII
Share Structure

Authorized Shares 200,000,000 Updated Mar 15th 2017
Outstanding Shares 59,057,151 Updated Mar 15th 2017
Float 32,885,938 Updated Mar 15th 2017
With a favorable float it makes DTII fairly easy to move, and they recently just retired some debt, which has made DTII sky rocket from 0.0015 TO 0.005’S and it hit as high as 0.0075 Friday evening. The stock has a lot of twitter buzz surrounding it as well.

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp (OWCP) 5 pLEASE LIKE and share 5 stocks to watch.

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. is engaged in the business, through its wholly-owned Israeli subsidiary, One World Cannabis Ltd., of conducting medical research and clinical trials, in full compliance with all international regulatory protocols, for the development of cannabis-based products and treatments specifically designed for Multiple Myeloma, Psoriasis, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Migraines, and unique delivery systems. OWCP is a stock that likes to run. It’s been at a high of 3.23 and a low of 0.003 OWCP likes is another stock that likes to run. These are our 5 stocks to watch. Stay tuned for more.

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