George Carlin Destroys Single Moms and Kids

George Carlin destroys single moms and kids.

This 7 minute skit from George Carlin is beyond the truth, in fact it’s so true most will probably offended by it. Who would of thought the truth would be so funny. Dang Carlin absolute destroys it here. He touches on the modern day moms/dads that brag about their kids being amazing and the best kid ever. Doesn’t every parent think that about their kid? Of course, why is it so prevalent now? Because social media has blown the parents ego way out of proportion. It’s more about what the family looks like on social media than what it really is. On facebook and social media the parent can’t make the kid seem like an angle, but it doesn’t change the fact that the kid is a dimwit in real life. It only takes a few weeks for people to truly see the reality of it all. But like I said, parents especially woman care about Image, not reality. Carlin goes through it all and I swear each minute gets better and better as it he goes. No rambling just pure truth. Shame that Carlin isn’t still around because I know he would have an absolute field day without sh*t the world has gone, PC vs. none PC etc. It’s all to funny. I guess we have to enjoy the ride after all. Like carlin says here, your kid was probably a genetic mistake. Carlin how to speak english click here. Carlin why it’s important not to care click here. Carlin Political correctness pretending to be manners, click here to watch.

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