The Morality Crisis

The Morality Crisis.

What happens to morality with a decrease in religiosity and a rise in secularism? Dennis Prager joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the recent Prager University video “If There Is No God, Murder Isn’t Wrong,” the moral values communicated through religion, the fall of free will in the face of secular determinism, the difference between charity and the forces retribution of wealth and the future of the western experiment.
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Has the modern world gone absolutely mad? Sometimes it seems like we are living in Alice in wonderland, the promotion of none normal biological ideals, like multiple genders and sex changes. It’s like we are living in a Hollywood Horror film. It’s crazy, yet okay for the vast majority. People push for more Marxist ideologies and the manipulation of the masses for an alleged better world. That better world however would only consist of standing in soap lines unfortunately, and would lead to mass death. The propaganda has distorted the youth bringing forth the mass divide fueled by anguish. Maybe it’s meant to be this way, but for all we know their will be a last battle, a last fight of sorts that could alter the course of history, between the ideologies of far left and far right. Please like and share the morality crisis.

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