Why You Need To Use A stock Screener

Why You Need To Use A stock Screener.

A stock screener is very important to your success in trading stocks.

1. A stock screener will help you find stocks that are on the move for the day.

2. A stock screener will tell you the pre market gainers, and day gainers.

3. A stock screener will help you save time while you research stocks under various categories. Example, stocks under 5, stocks up over 10.00 and so on.

4. A stock screener will give you the data you need faster to evaluate your potential investment.

5. Stock screeners give you access to data you otherwise wouldn’t have.

6. Stock screeners help you find press releases quicker, and will tell you about acquisitions.

The importance of using and having a stock screener is immensely important for anyone trying to make money on the stock market. Check out our other post, on 5 ways to find what companies to invest in here.

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