10 Reasons women Get Mad When You Call Them Out on Their Own BS

10 reasons women get mad when you call them out on their own bs.
We have all been there in one relationship, or another. The man plays dumb for a little while an then eventually snaps on the girl with the truth.

10. Women love to play the victim. The victim role makes the woman feel as if she is owed something for you finding out.

9. They want to get into the males head by throwing out threats, like “break up with me” or good leave then.

8. Women always want to have a plan B that’s why they keep their “guy friends around”.

7. Women want more attention and want their life to seem far more superior than everyone else’s so they constantly brag on social media.

6. Women don’t want too be wrong, and you calling them out means their fictional reality is about to topple down.

5. Women constantly fabricate the truth in order to create a delusional state of thinking, thus why their relationships often seem so much better than everyone elese’s.

4. If you tell the truth you are always seen as the “bad guy” thus you get the asshole, and being a “dick” treatment.

3. Have you ever called out an addict that has a problem? Dealing with woman whom have an issue and you calling them out on it is the same way. They deny, deny, and deny and then use deliberate manipulated pseudo speech to keep things at bay.

2. Women like to think they have the upper hand in any given situation. You calling them out means you have caught on to their little game.

1. Women like to play cat and mouse, you expose them it’s like trying to red pill a blue pilled person. If you have ever done that you know how harsh that can be on the blue pilled person. It’s like opening the flood gates of truth into their ignorant mind.

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