6 stocks to watch

6 stocks to watch.

US Lithium Cor (LITH)
US Lithium Corp. is an exploration stage company. The company holds 60 mineral claims in the Tintina gold belt in Yukon Canada and is in the process of exploring these claims.
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On the Movie SYS corp (OMVS)


Global Arena Holdings INC (GAHC)
Global Arena Holdings Inc is a holding company, focusing on financial services and technology software. The company focused on aquiring tech, patents and companies having the ability to leverage the block-chain Crypto technology.

Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings (TMPS)
Tempus Applied Solutions privdes flight operations, customized design, engineering modification solutions and training services that support critical aviation mission requirements of the United States Department of Defense.

Earth Science Tech Inc (ETST)

Earth Science Tech IN is a biotechnology company, focusing on cannabis for health and alternative medicine.
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Experience Art and Design (EXAD)
Experience Art and Design is a development stage company. The company focuses on existing oil wells and dry cleaners, through two subsidiary companies: TransAmerican Oil and Metropolitan Dry cleaners.

Why you should use a stock screener.

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OWCP)
Is a medical cannabis research and development company. Focusing on Cannabis based medical products.

This concludes our 6 stocks to watch

Dsclaimer: we are not investment advisors or brokers, these statements may contain forward looking statements. This is not investment advice, and we don’t advice you to invest in these companies in any way. You may lose your entire investment. These companies are penny stocks and are extremely risky and volatile

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