strong propaganda makes good slaves

strong propaganda makes good slaves.
With many young children herded into government schools at an incredibly young age – how do they know if they have been propagandized or told the truth? Stefan Molyneux explains how strong propaganda makes good slaves and why many people are unwitting tools for the ruling political class.

Countries begin the “duping” process as soon as kids go to school. Kids are taught only what the government wants them to know. Have you ever heard the phrase “History is told by the victors?” Well this is very prevalent today. If you think the government doesn’t have an agenda to program people into believing their agenda then you haven’t been red pilled enough. Have you ever tried to argue against a teachers standing belief?

It always ends up bad, and typically the teachers will draw on their emotion instead of using facts. It’s always hearsay. If you really want to “learn” the students must know who wrote the book, and what their agenda is. Do you not think a left winging person isn’t gonna spin their text to prefer their belief? Same as a Right leaning person, don’t you think they will spin the text to benefit their own agenda? Of course they do and we all do this, Why do you think kids typically believe what their parents believe? It’s because that’s what they are constantly told, over and over again. It’s something called neuro linguistic programming. Neuro linguistic programming is the use of repeating the same thing over and over until it becomes known or a habit.

NLP is an approach to communication and personal development created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder back in the 1970s. The process claims there is a connection between neurological processes, language and behavioral patterns learned through experience hence “programming.” They claim that these can be altered to achieve specific goals in life. Have you noticed music typically repeats a lot of the same words? Why is that? It’s because music is a form of programming, have you noticed in Hip/hop rap they specifically talk about sex,money, degrading women, drugs, and violence. Hiphop and rap didn’t become popular until the early 90’s and since then it constantly overwhelms the radio waves as mainstream music. Why isn’t classical mainstream? Because classical is known to help you relax, and is also known too boost your brain power. Please like and share
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