Jealousy Explained

Jealousy Explained.

Question: “Though I’m fairly self-aware, in my relationship there are issues that are rooted in my own insecurities, the biggest issue being jealousy. I feel so jealous all the time because I feel inferior to other women (mostly physically), and this stresses me out in every way it possibly could. Not only do I already feel bad about myself because of how I am, but I also feel bad about the way that I treat my partner, because I never want him to stress about anything. I’ve gone so far as to avoid going out and participating in certain activities with him because I don’t want to risk him being around a woman that would be more attractive than myself. Although I’ve listened in and gotten a few ideas as to why my mind functions this way, I can’t feel confident enough in my reasoning to move forward and properly handle the issue. So, for the sake of my partnership, what is causing these insecurities and how do I use this knowledge to prevent the downfall of my love life?”

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