What Marx Got Wrong

What Marx Got Wrong:
The Truth About Karl Marx here.

Problems with Marx’s argument: Individual worker A and A’s employer have a partial conflict of interest, yes: more for worker, less for capitalist … (though, often, if the capitalist makes his demands too high, the worker quits and goes elsewhere) BUT is the working class in conflict with the owning class? No! Capitalists make money by selling the product of mass production. – And (on Marx’s own account) there isn’t anybody else to sell them to than workers. -> Therefore, the more his competitor’s workers get paid, the better that is for the capitalist. Note: all capitalists (and all workers) are in competition with each other. –> Therefore, there is no class interest of the kind Marxism proclaims. > And, no class competition…. The claim that there is class competition is fallacious.

Capitalism, the Pareto distribution and what Marx got wrong. The distribution of wealth follows a Pareto pattern with the top 1 percent changing. It’s not the same people, it’s the same proportion of people at the top, but that’s different.

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