Canelo vs Gennady Golovkin: What time can I watch the fight tonight

Canelo vs Gennady Golovkin What time can I watch the fight tonight?
The fight will start tonight at 8 PM eastern Time pay per view, 5 P.M PT. at Stake: undisputed supremacy in the middleweight division. The fight will cost you 80.00

Here is what you can expect from the King GGG

GGG is 37-0 with 33 knock outs. He is looking to make a statement tonight, and move too 38-0. GGG has had Mayweather running from him for the past 5 years. GGG even said he would drop weight to make the fight happen. You can read about it here. If GGG wins I think Glovkin will call out Mayweather for a fight.

Canelo Álvarez is 51-1 with 34 knockouts under his belt. Alveraez only loss came from Floyd Mayweather. If GGG beats Canelo I think we may see a call out for another bout…

The breakdown:

This fight is going to be Huge for the boxing industry. I’m expecting an onslaught of hay-makers. I think GGG comes in strong, looking to prove a point to the boxing industry.If GGG comes out swinging and gets a KO I expect the Mayweather fight to become a HUGE possibility.

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