Handmade Items made by Honey and Joy

DIY unique hand made items

Handmade Items made by Honey and Joy:
Honey and Joy creates elegant toy boxes for kids and special handmade cards. Honey and Joy takes the Do it yourself scene to a whole new level, this little shop out of Germany brings a lovely personalized message to your loved ones.

Honey and Joy has cards for nearly every occasion like, graduation cards, Happy Birthday cards, thank you cards, mothers day cards,and the list goes on! Honey and Joy has 123 hand made items that bring something unique and customized to your loved ones.
Each card is hand crafted, made with love, care, and exquisite talent.

Honey and Joy also carries hand crafted toy boxes for boys and girls. As you can see the toy boxes are very well designed, and created with great elegance. Honey and Joy truly creates one of a kind hand made items.

This decorative tin is layered with white lace and decorated with silk ribbons, pearls, gemstones, golden trims, fabric flowers and roses. Beautiful pictures of a girl and Archangel Michael watch over your little girl. Your high school or university graduate will love this unique gift to complement her vintage, feminine decor.

Each item is hand made, and creatively colored, with hand embellished cardboard boxes. Each item is absolutely glorious and has the ability to stand alone in all of it’s purity.

You can find all of Honey and Joy’s products by clicking (here) the link will take you to Honey and Joy’s etsy shop, where you can find their beautiful handmade items. Honey and Joy has one of the best DIY shops on Etsy, if you are looking for a gift for a birthday, or Christmas, this is definitely the place to go! Not to mention the hand made cards are a MILLION times better than buying a card at Target etc which are printed a million times over on a printing press. Get something UNIQUE and one of a kind at Honey and Joy.

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