Massive Earthquake Rocks Mexico

massive earthquake rocks mexico! More than 200 dead after magnitude 7.1 quake strikes Mexico; ‘death toll will rise.
Yet, again after last weeks horrific earthquake, Mexico city is devastated. Buildings topple like Lego’s, homes reduced to ash, and people running in panic.
The video below will show you the terror, the destruction, and the chaos, from the earthquake.
Just looking at the pictures sends chills down my spine, seeing the mess.

2017 has been a very chaotic year, from Hurricane Harvey, too Hurricane Irene, and then of course the two massive earthquakes that recently hit mexico. It seems like it’s one disaster after another. The problems keep building upon one another. The chaos endured by the ones affected by this must be in absolute shock. With the all of the recent events happening at once, people are making prophecies that it’s the end of the world.
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